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The Complete Lightroom Workflow – Video Tutorial Series (over 3 1/2 hours for only $29.95!)

Kurt Budliger

Adobe Lightroom has been a critical part of my imaging workflow—how I perfect my images—since its first release. Its functionality and interface are second to none both for the casual photo enthusiast and for the seasoned pro. And for a full-time professional photographer like me, it’s a life-saver.   My videos provide beginning and intermediate Lightroom users the expert knowledge of the best practices necessary to make images shine.   The first three videos establish critical assumptions and best practices on image capture and file organization; the next four dig into how to organize and edit images.   Next we learn the tools in the Develop Module that bring out the best in any image—the adjustment brush, graduated filters, and other essential tools. My series closes with several videos highlighting workflow efficiencies and invaluable time-savers like presets and synching settings. And at the end, I show you three images as case studies, walking step-by-step through how it’s done.   These videos are designed to be viewed in sequence, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dip into them again whenever you need a refresher.   I am pleased to be able to share my hard-earned knowledge with you. Happy Lightrooming!

Unlock Your Image’s Potential


What’s Included

1. Introduction – Kurt introduces the series and shows before and after images (Quicktime Movie, 32MB, 2:48 minutes).

2. Getting Started – Key definitions and best practices (Quicktime Movie, 36.5MB, 4:18 minutes).

3. Establishing Preferences – Set crucial preferences for optimal performance and efficiency (Quicktime Movie, 27.6MB, 7:41 minutes).

4. Importing from Folders – Import your files from existing folders (Quicktime Movie, 45.3MB, 9:00 minutes).

5. Importing from Media Cards – Transfer your files directly from the camera’s media card (Quicktime Movie, 36.7MB, 5:52 minutes).

6. Configuring the Workspace – Make the Library Workspace work for you (Quicktime Movie, 79.9MB, 11:59 minutes).

7. Editing in the Library – How to edit, cull, rank, rate and rename your files (Quicktime Movie, 12.94MB, 23:05 minutes).

8. RAW Processing, Part I – Optimize exposure, white balance, and contrast (Quicktime Movie, 251.4MB, 25:17 minutes).

9. RAW Processing, Part II – Tone Curve, color adjustments, lens corrections, sharpness (Quicktime Movie, 127.3MB, 20:58 minutes).

10. RAW Processing, Part III – Adjustment brush and graduated filter tool (Quicktime Movie, 127.3MB, 20:58 minutes).

11. RAW Processing, Part IV – Spot Removal Tools and other finishing steps (Quicktime Movie, 70.6MB, 11:47 minutes).

12. Synching Settings – Synchronize Develop Module settings across images (Quicktime Movie, 38.4MB, 6:00 minutes).

13. Using Presets – Use, create, and apply Develop Module Presets (Quicktime Movie, 44.2MB, 8:29 minutes).

14. Keywords and Captions – Add keywords and captions in the Library Module (Quicktime Movie, 59.7MB, 8:29 minutes).

15. Power of Collections – Smart previews, collections, and collections sets (Quicktime Movie, 66.8MB, 11:32 minutes).

16. Lightroom to Photoshop – Open images from Lightroom into Photoshop (Quicktime Movie, 28.5MB, 3:57 minutes).

17. Exporting Images – Export dialog in-depth (Quicktime Movie, 52.6MB, 10:29 minutes).

18. Three Case Studies – Three examples from soup to nuts (Quicktime Movie, 180.4MB, 22:55 minutes).


All videos are provided in QuickTime Movie format and display at a 1280×800 resolution. Chances are, your computer already has a media player capable of reading and displaying QuickTime files. If not, you can download a free copy of the QuickTime media player from Apple.

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