How Photography is like Tequila

For some they both can be an acquired taste, a little bitter at first but after a while starts to get easier to swallow.  Just think about the first time you tried to shoot an epic sunset and came home with nothing but washed out skies or blocked up foreground...

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Photograph with Intent – Part 3 “The Decisive Moment”

As I alluded to in the first two posts of the series (“Getting Picky” and “Creative Exposure”) our photographic journeys are very much an evolution, everyone on their own path and pace.  Except unlike the slow and steady pace of biological evolution our evolution as...

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Photograph with Intent – Part 2 “Creative Exposure”

In my last post, Photograph with Intent – Part 1 “Getting Picky” we looked at the importance of slowing down and becoming a more selective photographer, only tripping the shutter if the scene really gets your juices flowing or speaks the language of your creative...

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Photograph with Intent – Part 1 “Getting Picky”

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my career in photography is getting to teach what I love, whether in an intensive workshop format or more formal academic setting.  I’ve been teaching digital photography courses at a local college for a little over 13 years.  My...

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Slow Photography Movement

No, I’m not going to discuss how to keep things sharp during long exposures, time lapse or using a view camera.  My new quest in life is to create a slow photography movement, not unlike the slow food movement.  I’ve noticed a somewhat alarming trend in recent years,...

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Fresh Eyes

Sometimes we’re too close to our work to make the right judgment about whether it’s good or not good; whether an image is a keeper or destined to a life of obscurity in the deep recesses of a hard drive.  More specifically I think we’re too close to the event or...

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Cloud Light

All photographers are students of light but as landscape specialists we’ve got to be keenly aware of the subtle nuances of light on the landscape, particularly if we want our images to stand out in a crowd of ever-growing landscape imagery.  In my last post “Getting...

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Getting Lucky at the Grand Canyon

No, not like that.  Geesh get your minds out of the gutter!  I mean truly getting lucky with the light and atmospheric conditions when out photographing.  There is a great quote, I think by Arnold Palmer or some other famous golfer about how the longer he practices...

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Social Media or Social Medium for Photographers?

I’ve been a reluctant and inconsistent user of social media.  I’m one of those Gen Xers that actually wrote and passed paper notes to friends in high school.  I remember when google was just a number.  I learned to use a road atlas and not rely on a little blue pin...

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Kurt Budliger

is a professional photographer and educator based in Vermont. His photographs and articles have appeared in numerous books, calendars and magazines and are routinely used by conservation organizations working to protect wild lands. His clients include Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, National Geographic Adventure, Outside Magazine, Vermont Life Magazine, Eastern Fly Fishing, Patagonia, 1% for the Planet, Trout Unlimited, Trust for Public Land, The Nature Conservancy, and many more.

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Dramatic sunset in Olympic National Park

Spring in Vermont, May 30-June 2, 2019

Autumn in the Tetons, Sept. 20-23, 2019

Colorado San Juans,Sept. 26-30, 2019

Landscape photograph of autumn aspens and the San Juan Mountains

Autumn in Vermont, October 6-10, 2019

Autumn in Vermont photography workshop

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Acadia National Park Photography workshop

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