Filling Your Cup

I recently returned from a weeklong stint teaching at the Audubon Camp of Maine on Hog Island.  This particular week was for educators of all kinds, both formal and informal to immerse themselves in nature, expand their knowledge of natural history and get new...

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Do The Work!

I’m not talking about your day job, although you probably should do that work if you want a paycheck at the end of the week and a fridge full of brewskis on Friday night.  I’m talking about your art, your craft, or whatever it is you’re passionate about.  I...

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Color is in the Eye of the Beholder

So, I’ve got this friend… No, really I do!  He’s real, not just made up.  Anyway, we’ve been shooting together for a long time, routinely critique each other’s comps in the field, and email images back and forth for feedback or just to brag a...

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Exacerbated Pixels: 5 Tips for Avoiding Them

I once listened to an interview with a film critic, or some such industry expert that described the newest spate of action films as a collection of “Exacerbated Pixels,” or EP for short.  Exacerbated Pixels, as the interviewee explained describes the over the top...

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Back Light: 5 Tips for Taming the Beast

As photographers we’re keenly aware of light every time we head out to shoot, or at least we should be.  There are few elements that can improve a shot quicker than light, it literally can make or break a shot.  How many mediocre compositions and subjects...

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Stay Thirsty My Friends

We’ve all heard this advice before in some form or another.  “There’s always something to shoot…” “Never give up…”, “Stay late…”  But every once in a while I get reminded of just how important it is to keep these axioms in the forefront of your mind. ...

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Get Organized

Well it’s Sunday and I’ve got homework, a syllabus to modify and presentation to plan, lots of images to edit and process from an assignment or two and just like when I was in high school and college, I’m procrastinating!  When I was younger my procrastination...

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Kurt Budliger

is a professional photographer and educator based in Vermont. His photographs and articles have appeared in numerous books, calendars and magazines and are routinely used by conservation organizations working to protect wild lands. His clients include Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, National Geographic Adventure, Outside Magazine, Vermont Life Magazine, Eastern Fly Fishing, Patagonia, 1% for the Planet, Trout Unlimited, Trust for Public Land, The Nature Conservancy, and many more.

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